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Competences HTG:

Software development / Re-entry analysis / Satellite aerodynamics


Fascination of Fluid Mechanics


HTG and HST - three letters each, standing for two companies with a common passion. The passion for the fascination of fluid mechanics. Our range of products and services is widely spread and reaches from theoretical tasks to implementation. Accordingly, the focus of both companies is divided into:

• Orbital aerodynamics and gas dynamics •
• Atmospheric re-entry simulation •
• Development and assembly of instruments and sensors for re-entry vehicles •
• Development and assembly of wind tunnels •
• Consulting for industry on the subject of fluid mechanics •
• Development and assembly of flow meters in small batches •


Fascination space

The HTG software SCARAB is also used for missions to Mars.


20 years of SCARAB

Our analysis tool for ground risk assessment of re-entering spacecraft is celebrating it's 20th anniversary!


Mach 6 hypersonic wind tunnel

Construction and assembly of a Mach 6 hypersonic wind tunnel for ADD, South Korea.


Test facility for Airbus

Construction and assembly of an aerodynamic test facility for Airbus, Ottobrunn.


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